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Smart engagement with Asia means recognising the many ways in which Asian migrants to Australia are opening new pathways for discovery, innovation and cultural understanding. EPA/Ole Spata

Immigrant ambassadors open doors for Australia across Asia

Skilled migrants from India, China and other neighbouring countries are building pathways for innovation, growth and better understanding between Australia and their homelands.
The Dalai Lama has been coy about his successor. Sergio Carvalho/Flickr

Could this Dalai Lama be the last?

An elaborate and lengthy selection process is in danger of being co-opted by the Chinese government.
Tony Abbott needs to learn a thing or two about Indonesian culture if he’s to have a successful working relationship with his Indonesian counterpart. EPA/Made Nagi

Saving face: lessons for Abbott on working with Indonesia

There’s a widespread perception in Australia that Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s reaction to Australia’s phone tapping is all about playing domestic politics in Yudhoyono’s home country…
We should attempt to get cultural diversity right in our own backyard. Alam Singh

On being an ‘ethnic killjoy’ in the Asian Century

We are fortunate to have bipartisan political support for enhancing trade and cultural links with our region in the so-called Asian Century. But do we have similar consensus when dealing with those from…
Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu is hoping to enhance the state’s relationship with Asia. AAP

Asian Century solutions will require funding boost

Plans to boost Australia’s integration with Asia should include funding to get Australian students into Asian countries, say Asian studies experts. The comments come as Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu is…

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