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While government-level relations are important, nothing beats personal contacts for building strong ties between Australia and India. AP/AAP

6 unis had Hindi programs. Soon there could be only 1, and that’s not in Australia’s best interests

Hindi is the most widely spoken language of India and of the many people of Indian origin in Australia. The teaching of Hindi has been in decline at a time when the need for it has never been greater.
A TV ad featuring an Australian woman travelling to Bali and falling for a Balinese man captures Australia’s love affair with Indonesia. EPA/Made Nagi

Look who’s talking: Indonesian in Australia

Recently, Indonesian language has begun to make an appearance in Australian popular media. There is evidence too that, after years of decline, student interest in Indonesian language and studying in Indonesia…
Parliamentary Secretary Brett Mason says Asian languages aren’t essential in Asia. AAP

A problematic start to the New Colombo Plan

About a decade ago I had a slightly prickly conversation with an Australian who had just returned from a business trip to China. As usual, I was grumbling about the legendary reluctance of Australians…
The most Asia-literate teachers were those who had had experienced some form of extended cultural exchange in an Asian country, the research found. AAP Image/Dan Peled

Create more Asia study opportunities for teachers: report

Asia knowledge should be included in all initial teacher education, according to a new report released today that also called for more opportunities for teachers and principals to experience Asia through…
Asian languages are important, but they should be one part of a greater focus on Asia in the curriculum. Asian image from

Across the curriculum: access to Asian languages isn’t everything

Despite the breadth of issues in the Australia in the Asian Century White Paper released this week, so far the debate has focused largely on language learning in schools. With fewer and fewer students…
Getting Hindi into schools will be a challenged, but it’s worth the effort. romana klee

Get ready to learn Hindi: education in the Asian century

The rapid rise of Asia means that Australia and the world find themselves in new strategic circumstances in this century. And that has immense implications for our young people. The Australia in the Asian…
Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu is hoping to enhance the state’s relationship with Asia. AAP

Asian Century solutions will require funding boost

Plans to boost Australia’s integration with Asia should include funding to get Australian students into Asian countries, say Asian studies experts. The comments come as Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu is…
Ken Henry’s white paper on Australia in the Asian Century will be released this Sunday. AAP

Asian language support lagging in Asian Century discussion

Asian language studies should be front and centre in the white paper on Australia in the Asian Century, say experts, with worrying declines in Asian language studies putting Australia at a disadvantage…
Universities play a vital role in creating a better understanding of Asia – if it is included broadly in curricula. AAP Image/Julian Smith

Teaching Asia to Australia: it’s not just about languages

Ahead of the soon-to-be-released Asian Century White Paper, Foreign Minister Bob Carr has said Australia needs to “know Asia” in order to prosper. Delivering a speech to the Asia Society on behalf of Prime…
Students learn Korean, one of four principal Asian languages being promoted in Australian schools. The others are Mandarin, Japanese and Indonesian. EPA/STR

$2bn needed to achieve Abbott’s language vision

Language experts have applauded Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s pledge to dramatically boost foreign language education, but warn that a financial investment of about $2 billion and a long-term commitment…
Learning an Asian language will change how you think about the world. no_typographic_man

Want to get ahead this century? Learn an Asian language

AUSTRALIA IN THE ASIAN CENTURY – A series examining Australia’s role in the rapidly transforming Asian region. Delivered in partnership with the Australian government. Today, Dr Yuko Kinoshita looks at…

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