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Despite grim predictions, shopping malls will still exist in 2050. fleskw

Don’t worry, by 2050 retail won’t be all over the shop

AUSTRALIA 2050 – Making predictions about the future is always good fun. Despite the pretensions of many social futurists who wax lyrical with certainty about what will happen, and how we will work, live…
Defence policy in Australia will have undergone radical change by 2050. AAP

2050: Australian decision making

AUSTRALIA 2050 – So let’s imagine it’s the midpoint of the 21st century and Australia is enjoying its third decade as a recognised innovator in democracy. Australia routinely initiates global conversations…
If we keep going the way we are, Australia’s environment will be in trouble in 2050. adriansalamandre/Flickr

2050: our future State of the Environment report

AUSTRALIA 2050 – There’s no way of predicting what the environment will be like in 2050, but there are many possibilities. I will sketch out two extremes. The first is bleak. The first independent national…
Zac Chi celebrates his 87th birthday, then punches the sky repeatedly. I.M. Photo

Fitter, happier, more productive … our health system in 2050

AUSTRALIA 2050 – I’d like you to imagine for a minute that you are living in Australia in 2050: August 1 2050, to be precise. It’s one of those days that makes you glad to be alive: a cool morning in Melbourne…
In the future, will we be juggling with the same or different issues? The Invizible

2050: an optimist’s science fiction

What will Australia look like in 2050? Will the debates raging now about a carbon tax, about health reform, about immigration, still have relevance, or will new problems, bigger problems, have taken their…

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