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Three new reports examine Australia’s existing space capabilities, set them in the light of international developments, and identify growth areas and models for Australia to pursue. 136319147@N08/flickr

Three new reports add clarity to Australia’s space sector, a ‘crowded and valuable high ground’

Space is becoming cheaper, more attractive to investors and increasingly important in our data-rich economy. It’s time Australia mapped a path forward.
Soaring above Western Australia: we need a new approach to get more of a share in the global space industry. Flickr/NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

Investing in space: what the UK Space Agency can teach Australia

Australia has had an active civil space program since 1947 but has much to learn if it is to capture a bigger share of growing billion dollar global space industry. The potential size and scope of the…
We’ve seen Australia from space. Now let’s see it in space. NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

To launch Australia into space, we need inspiration

India’s recent launch of a mission to Mars should cause us to contemplate Australia’s potential role, or lack of one, in such ventures. We presume India mounted this project at amazing speed to give China…
Measuring and monitoring Australia’s fresh water will become increasingly important. EADS Astrium

A satellite to save Australia? We should have one of those

Does Australia need space capabilities? Well, as Senator Kate Lundy said this month when announcing the government’s new space policy: “Australians, whether they know it or not, rely on satellites every…
Space touches all of us – but how can we stay in touch with space? The iconoclastic yet iconic ionic icon

Australia in space: what’s our policy?

Almost every aspect of our lives is in some way touched by space science and technology. As such, the public policy implications are many and varied. Services provided via space-based technologies are…
A satellite picture of Cyclone Yasi from the Japanese weather satellite MTSAT 1R. German Meteorological Society/DPA

Australia in space: letting others watch us … but at what cost?

Australia’s Chief Scientist Ian Chubb has more than once described the Australia of the past as a “mendicant country” regarding science. While this is a controversial, perhaps overly-broad, generalisation…
New infrastructure is putting the Australian space industry on the map. RSAA

Australia in space: looking out and looking in

Space exploration is one of the few science-rich human endeavours that captivates both expert and layperson alike. There is a mystery – a romanticism – associated with space research and technology that…

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