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While some people may be older in chronological age, their biological age might be much younger. FangXiaNuo/E+ via Getty Images

Aging is complicated – a biologist explains why no two people or cells age the same way, and what this means for anti-aging interventions

Aging is a culmination of factors spanning from your cells to your environment. A number of interconnected processes determine how quickly your body is able to repair and recover from damage.
Illustration of an autophagosome (light blue double-membrane to the right) engulfing cellular material. David S. Goodsell and Daniel Klionsky/RCSB PDB-101

Cells routinely self-cannibalize to take out their trash, aiding in survival and disease prevention

Cells degrade and recycle damaged parts of themselves through a process called autophagy. When this “self-devouring” goes awry, it may promote cancer and neurodegenerative disease.
When cells are deprived of energy and nutrients from their external environment, they package up and consume their own components to survive. Kevin McShane/Flickr

How cancer eats itself to survive our therapies

Can you imagine being so desperate for food that you would eat yourself to survive? Most people can’t but our cells do exactly this. When cells are deprived of energy and nutrients from their external…

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