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Earlier this week, Stefan Ingves (left), chairman of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision’s governing body, and Mervyn King announced amendments to Basel III’s liquidity rules for banks. AAP

Is the Basel process broken? You can bank on it

This year, the Basel process of banking regulation is 25 years old. In 1988, the first set of global banking regulations, known as Basel I, was adopted by the world’s senior banking regulator, the Basel…
Taking care of business: given the glacial pace of financial reforms since the GFC, it is not unreasonable to expect another crisis of the same magnitude. _Davo_

Crisis? What crisis? Five years on, we’ve surrendered to the global financial sector

It has been five years since the sub-prime mortgage crisis emerged in the US. This was followed by financial institutions suffering liquidity shortfalls in both US and Europe, and their eventual collapse…
If one of Australia’s big four banks were to fail, it would be disastrous for the economy and the financial system. AAP

A system at risk: the case for regulatory overhaul in Australia’s banking sector

The focus of the statement by the Australia-New Zealand Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee asks whether the systemic importance of the big four Australasian banks warrants special regulatory treatment…
Decoupled: The Reserve Bank of Australia’s decision to hold interest rates has been ignored by the banks. AAP

Rates of wrath: understanding the Big Four’s actions on interest rates

Last week, the Reserve Bank defied market expectations to announce the 4.25% cash rate would remain unchanged. But the surprise decision by Australia’s Big Four banks to act independently of the Reserve…
Euro banks have been urged to reinforce their balance sheets. AAP

Can ‘living wills’ protect the banking system?

Eurozone leaders have moved to address liquidity fears, with the European Central Bank announcing new measures to head off a credit crunch. Britain has also announced quantitative easing measures. Outgoing…

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