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A whirlwind of speculation about Deutsche Bank’s health has surrounded its headquarters in Munich. AP Photo/Michael Probst

Deutsche Bank turmoil shows risks of weakening bank capital standards

Is the financial system headed for another ‘Lehman moment’? Perhaps, but a bailout isn’t the solution. More capital is, something Trump should remember as he rewrites U.S. bank rules.
US bankers like JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon fear increased bank regulation. Chuck Hagel/Flickr

Time for bankers to have a capital rethink

A plan by US regulators to impose greater capital requirements on the nation’s eight biggest banks has prompted complaints it will put the banks at a global disadvantage. The proposal is that the banks…
Bank of Melbourne relaunched its new look branch network in 2011 as part of a broader push to build customer relationships. Joe Castro/AAP

Barclays is closing branches, but Aussie banks slow to follow

UK banking giant Barclays has revealed plans to lay off 1700 branch staff and shrink its branch network as customers embrace online and mobile banking. The street faces of banks are changing quickly. Where…
Earlier this week, Stefan Ingves (left), chairman of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision’s governing body, and Mervyn King announced amendments to Basel III’s liquidity rules for banks. AAP

Is the Basel process broken? You can bank on it

This year, the Basel process of banking regulation is 25 years old. In 1988, the first set of global banking regulations, known as Basel I, was adopted by the world’s senior banking regulator, the Basel…
Taking care of business: given the glacial pace of financial reforms since the GFC, it is not unreasonable to expect another crisis of the same magnitude. _Davo_

Crisis? What crisis? Five years on, we’ve surrendered to the global financial sector

It has been five years since the sub-prime mortgage crisis emerged in the US. This was followed by financial institutions suffering liquidity shortfalls in both US and Europe, and their eventual collapse…
Demonstrators in front of Standard & Poor’s credit rating agency offices in Paris 15 January 2012. AAP

Why we should be wary of ratings agencies

For decades, credit ratings agencies were largely ignored by the masses, but in recent months they have continued to hit the headlines again and again. The big three (Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s and…

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