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‘The earth rose in the air to the height of hundreds of feet.’: but a delay in the infantry attack meant that hundreds of British troops were killed.

Battle of the Somme: new research shows detonating a massive mine under German lines too early led to a British slaughter

Thanks to modern geological exploration technology we can piece together the events of July 1 1916 when a tactical error came with massive cost to the British army.
‘Isolated Grave and Camouflage, Vimy Ridge,’ by Mary Riter Hamilton, May 1919, oil on wove paper. (Library and Archives Canada, Acc. No. 1988-180-223, Copy negative C-141851)

Remembrance Day: How a Canadian painter broke boundaries on the First World War battlefields

After Canadian painter Mary Riter Hamilton was rejected for service as a war artist because she was a woman, she trekked battlefields to create more than 320 works that recall the missing soldiers.

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