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The Cape peninsula moss frog is smaller than 20mm and is, therefore, hard to monitor. Francois Becker

How we learned to listen to elusive, threatened frogs

A robust technique using the wonders of digital media has helped researchers understand how threatened species like frogs are faring on our globally changing planet.
Urban noise pushes birds to sing in high pitch and ship sound deafens whales and dolphins. John Haslam, Eric Bégin, IK's World Trip, Green Fire Productions, flickker photos, Jay Ebberly / Flickr

How noise pollution is changing animal behaviour

Noise pollution, whether on land or under water, can affect animals in interesting – and not always positive – ways.
The next Ella Fitzgerald? Every wolf has a distinctive soulful style. C Young Photography

Wolves howl like humans, new voice recognition study shows

The ominous howl of the wolf has long been a source of fear and fascination for mankind. But new research shows they are not so different from people – for every wolf has its own distinct voice. By recording…

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