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Debates about online copyright protection have been particularly heated of late. marfis75

Will the internet kill copyright? Here’s hoping …

IDEAS AND OWNERSHIP: The concept of protecting ideas and innovation by legal means dates back to antiquity. But many of our existing laws are under strain, their suitability and ultimate purpose called…
Is the internet free – or a bird on the wire? David Fraiz

Explainer: net neutrality

Net neutrality was succinctly described in a recent study as “the belief that ISPs [internet service providers] must treat all internet content equally”. Without net neutrality we see situations such as…
When it comes to illegal downloading, are we all expendable? Claudio Onorati/EPA

The BitTorrent lawsuit: why Sly Stallone is out to get you

Ever downloaded a Hollywood flick from the internet? If the answer is “yes” then you could be next on Rambo’s hit list. As reported recently, an American federal judge has agreed to allow the U.S. Copyright…

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