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For the first time in Chinese legal history, the court published transcripts of Bo Xilai trial via social media. EPA/Jinan Intermediate People’s Court

Fall of a princeling: Bo Xilai’s trial by Chinese social media

The trial of former official Bo Xilai is a significant benchmark for social media’s role in increasing transparency in the Chinese justice system, at least when it comes the trials of party officials…
‘Guanxi" or influence is a way of life in China. Corruption Compliance

Bo Xilai: victim of his own ambition in a land of graft

It was not so long ago that the name of Bo Xilai was largely unknown outside of China. Although his father is one of the “eight elders of the Chinese Communist Party” and he had grown to be one of the…
Bo Xilai may be the most “lurid” example of corruption in China, but he is not alone. AAP/Dennis M. Sabangan

Loud thunder, little rain: China’s new leaders target corruption

China’s new leaders are aware of the danger that corruption poses to the nation’s social stability and economic development. But entrenched corruption at the local and national levels, including among…

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