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Mick Tsikas/AAP

Adam Bandt elected unopposed as new Greens leader

The Greens’ only House of Representatives member, Adam Bandt, is the party’s new leader, elected unanimously after Richard Di Natale’s decision to leave parliament. Bandt, 47, has held the inner city seat…
Younger voters credit Alex Bhathal with running the better campaign because it had been ‘more visible’. Alex Pockett/AAP

Bhathal or Kearney: either way, voters see it as a step up for Batman

Both male and female participants were in favour of more women in parliament, and pointed to the value of more diverse opinions than just those of ‘middle-aged white male lawyers’.
Past and present: Bob Brown (centre) pictured in 2010 with Greens colleagues including current leader Richard Di Natale (right). AAP Image/Alan Porritt

The Australian Greens at 25: fighting the same battles but still no breakthrough

The environmental issues we face are ideal recruiting for green parties, but the breakthroughs aren’t happening, and after 25 years as a federal party the Greens are still fighting on the same fronts.
Bob Brown was arrested in January 2016 at a forestry protest in Tasmania; charges were later dropped. AAP Image/Forests of Lapoinya Action Group

Bob Brown takes to the High Court to put hardline anti-protest laws to the test

Following his 2016 arrest, former Greens leader Bob Brown aims to show that Tasmania’s anti-protest laws are in conflict with the constitution’s implied right to political communication.
Bob Brown said that while a plebiscite was the wrong way to go, without it ‘I think that down the line there’s three more years of waiting’. Tracey Nearmy/AAP

Bob Brown supports marriage plebiscite as a last resort

Former Greens leader Bob Brown has said the door should be kept open for a plebiscite if that is the only way of achieving same-sex marriage in the foreseeable future.
All eyes are now on Christine Milne to see if she is up to filling the void left by former leader Bob Brown. AAP Image/Lukas Coch

Greens’ future is bright under Christine Milne

Bob Brown’s decision to resign as leader of the Greens last Friday marks a new and interesting phase in the evolution and development of the Australian Greens. Brown’s exit from the Senate in June inevitably…
New Greens leader Christine Milne should learn from Bob Brown’s charismatic leadership. AAP/Alan Porritt

Portrait of a charismatic leader: putting Bob Brown in context

Australia has a long record of charismatic political leaders and Bob Brown is perhaps the most notable recent example, but unlike other leaders of this style he has demonstrated remarkable political skill…

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