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As with its staff uniform, Qantas’ new advertising campaign lacks a unique brand identity. Dean Lewins/AAP

Teary Qantas ad campaign not the branding the airline needs

With its new “Feels like home” campaign, Australian airline Qantas is seeking to “rekindle that emotional connection Australians have with the airline”. Improvements in staff morale and company yield are…
Hitting a brick wall? lydia_shiningbrightly

Flaws in our thinking mean banks can do without our trust

The ongoing global financial crisis (because we’re not out of it yet, are we?) is often characterised as a crisis of trust. Distrust of the banks was a major theme – but distrust extended also to credit…

Quick disclaimers reduce sales

Quick disclaimers read out at the end of TV and radio advertisements can reduce brand trust and negatively affect sales…

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