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Would there be a place in advertising’s postmodern era for Don Draper? Michael Yarish/AMC

After Mad Men, big money replaced big ideas

The final season concludes in 1969. What happened in the advertising industry over the ensuing decades?
Corporations are looking for new and inventive ways to get their message out. Shutterstock

Native advertising a media credibility crisis in waiting

Advertising is going ‘native’, creeping in to places formerly reserved for editorial content. In the final piece in our series, we look at the lack of regulation around such “embedded” content. UK media…
Apples with Elmo stickers were found to be more attractive to children. AAP

Branding drives children to make healthy choices too: study

Branding that’s targeted at children can make healthy food a more attractive option than unhealthy food, according to a new US study. Researchers from Cornell University found that a sticker of the popular…

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