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3D mammograms may be useful in investigating abnormalities, but as a means of routine screening, they may do more harm than good. From

For routine breast screening, you may not need a 3D mammogram

3D mammography is becoming more widely available, but is it superior to the traditional 2D technology for breast cancer detection? The answer isn’t clear-cut.
While we search for a cure, we are still searching for cause. A volunteer hangs bras during a promotion against breast cancer in Switzerland in 2008. Ruben Sprich/Reuters

The mystery of breast cancer

Major causes have been identified for most common cancers, like liver and lung. But we still haven’t identified one for breast cancer.
We’re yet to find an alternative way to better detect breast cancer in women with dense breasts. CristinaMuraca/Shutterstock

How does breast density impact on cancer screening?

We’ve known for some time that women with dense breasts are at higher risk of breast cancers that are difficult to detect by mammography. To address this problem, 19 US states have introduced laws requiring…
Mamming involves resting breasts on a flat surface and taking a photo. Ondra Anderle

#mamming meme opens young women up to screening harms

Social media can help raise awareness of health issues, engaging people in discussion and encouraging them to take action. But thoughtless adherence to such trends has the potential to cause harm. New…
Based on current evidence, expanding these services is the right thing to do. Image from

A rational expansion of breast cancer screening

In the ninth part of our series Health Rationing, Stephen Duckett examines the government’s decision to extend the breast cancer screening program. As one of many pre-budget teasers, Health Minister Plibersek…
Even without routine mammographs, women with a family history of the disease should be screened. Zanthia

Is routine breast cancer screening doing more harm than good?

Public discussion about the risks of over-diagnosis of breast cancer have left some women wondering whether they should take part in the government’s breast screening program. Let’s take a look at what…
Women need to be made aware of over-diagnosis and given enough information to make up their own minds about screening. Johan/Flickr

Over-diagnosis and breast cancer screening: a case study

OVER-DIAGNOSIS EPIDEMIC – Today Robin Bell and Robert Burton examine breast cancer to evaluate the role of population-wide screening in over-diagnosis. Since the national screening mammography program…
The case for regular breast screening has been strengthened by a study including 4,000 Australian women. AAP

Screening can halve the chance of breast cancer death: study

Breast screening can help women halve their risk of dying from breast cancer, a new Australian study has found. The research, published today in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention, is the largest…

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