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A mother breastfeeding her infant. Breast milk is considered the best source of nutrition for babies. Lopolo/

Breastfeeding has been the best public health policy throughout history

As US mothers returned to breastfeeding, the market for infant formula dried up, leading formula makers to seek new markets in developing nations. Here’s how that led to a recent outcry.
It’s not suitable for women with heart problems, but otherwise is a safe and effective option. Alex Pasarelu

Domperidone can boost breast milk supply – here’s what you need know

Domperidone raises levels of prolactin, which increases the production of breast milk. It’s safe for mothers and babies, but not all women will experience the same increase in milk volume.
Dozens of studies and numerous reviews have demonstrated the safety of vaccines. (Shutterstock)

Public health at risk when opinion trumps evidence

In an era when opinion often trumps evidence in public health issues, it’s time to support and invest in evidence-based medicine to protect the public from dangerous, poorly informed beliefs.
Some mothers in countries such as India and Cambodia sell surplus milk to make maternity leave affordable. Sander van der Wel/flickr

Without better regulation, the market for breast milk will exploit mothers

The potential for exploitation is rife in the international market for breast milk. Fair trade and fair pay regulations are crucial to protect consumers in Australia and suppliers abroad.

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