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“Quick and dirty” or “slow but consistent”? The policies are now on the table. Dan Peled/AAP Image

A tale of two NBNs: the Coalition’s broadband policy explained

Today in Australia, the Coalition released its policy on the National Broadband Network (NBN). So what is the proposal? Amid rhetoric claiming Labor government inefficiency, cost blowouts and failure to…
The Australian Financial Review isn’t everyone’s first choice for coverage of the NBN. Lukas Coch/AAP

For whom the Whirlpool trolls? Stephen Conroy and the NBN

The presence of “trolls” in online forums is often portrayed as a blight on constructive debate, but a recent stoush indicates political discussion by antagonistic online users may not be all bad. You…
Mark Gregory says Australians should be able to see on a map, in real time, every street in Australia as it becomes active on the National Broadband Network. NBN Co

More transparency required on ‘glacial’ NBN rollout

Greater transparency of the subcontractors helping to deliver the National Broadband Network is required says one academic…
4,000 scientists and dodgy internet – what can possibly be done? Todor Lolovski/Australian Antarctic Division

Connecting Antarctica – a broadband revolution for the Great White Continent

The information revolution is hurtling towards Antarctica in the shape of a 20 centimetre cube weighing less than 10 kilograms. It can’t come soon enough. Not because Antarctic scientists (numbering more…

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