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Using the image of the most famous 19th-century land rights activist may be a backhanded tribute. Peter Bennetts

Melbourne’s new William Barak building is a cruel juxtaposition

Melbourne’s new landmark building celebrates the Indigenous leader William Barak. But what should we make of the overt association between its luxury apartments and Barak's lifelong struggle over land?
Deep in the rainforests of Sabah, Borneo, this zero-energy house was developed by Marra + Yeh Architects. AIA

Regenerative architecture, Aussie style, competes on a global stage

Annually, the Australian Institute of Architects nominates top buildings from across the country to recognise advances in design. From England to Thailand, this year’s shortlisted projects in the category…
Cement manufacture is a substantial producer of emissions, and we’re using ever-more concrete. Something has to change. Eduardo MC/Flickr

Eco-cement, the cheapest carbon sequestration on the planet

Cement production is one of the dirtiest industrial processes on the planet. It produces nearly 9% of global carbon emissions. This increases every year with the extraordinary demands for building materials…
Buildings in New York are given an environmental energy rating. Less than 750 buildings in Australia have been similarly rated. L C Nottaasen/Flickr

Why we should be diagnosing the environmental health of buildings

Improving the health of our building operations is one of the most effective, current ways to reduce our impact on climate change. And just as in medicine, being able to diagnose and improve health requires…
Set the controls for the heart of the sun: recycled, programmable timber shutters on the City of Melbourne’s CH2 building. City of Melbourne

Intelligent design: time to wise up and build for the climate

There may be no belching smoke stacks to be seen, but every time we thoughtlessly put up a poorly designed structure or resort to energy-intensive solutions to cool, heat, and operate an inefficient building…
Research says Melbourne could benefit from less black. mugley/Flickr

Cooling the urban heat island with more reflective roofs

Can a whiter roof make your home cooler? What about your whole city? The existing literature and theory suggests that increasing the albedo - or reflectiveness - of a building will reflect incoming sun…
A new generation of architects is needed to build our cities. Flickr/MorBCN

Building the future with the next generation of architects

The “future” is something which manifests nowhere more potently than in our cities. Yet a substantial transformation over the past twenty years in the way cities are being made – both in terms of their…

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