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Floors can be tested to predict the level of COVID-19 in an environment. (Oliver Hale/Unsplash)

Swabbing floors to detect COVID-19 could be a useful indicator of the disease’s spread

As we move through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, new predictive methods of testing can help monitor the spread of the disease. Environmental testing, like swabbing floors, is a useful tool.
Misha Jordaan/Gallo Images via Getty Images

The new architectural frontier: buildings and their microbiomes

The study of two hospitals was a first for researching the microbiology of the built environment in South Africa – a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding how to design healthier buildings.
The neighborhood known as The Mudd suffered disproportionate damage, a reflection of the Bahamas’ history. AP Photo/Fernando Llano

Risk rooted in colonial era weighs on Bahamas’ efforts to rebuild after Hurricane Dorian

It’s now officially the end of hurricane season, but the rebuilding of the Bahamas continues, slowed by the risks imposed by a history of colonialism and class division.

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