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Being obese increases your risk of a number of common cancers. CGP Grey/Flickr

Cancer: the world’s biggest killer

The World Cancer Report 2014, the first global snapshot of cancer since 2008, shows the disease is now the world’s biggest killer. In 2012, there were 8.2 million cancer deaths and 14.1 million new cancer…
Misdiagnoses of melanoma costs money and lives, with highly variable smartphone apps adding to the problem. AAP

Melanoma detection apps deemed harmful by researchers

Smartphone applications designed to help people work out if they have a melanoma are potentially harmful, getting it wrong…
New South Wales’ smoke-free outdoors legislation will be one of the most comprehensive in Australia. Jess J/Flickr

Smoke-free outdoor laws herald better community health

The NSW government will introduce a smoke-free outdoors law this year, making it the sixth state or territory to have some variation of this kind of legislation. The announcement shows that community health…

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