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Damian Shaw/AAP

COVID hit casual academics hard. Here are 5 ways to produce a better deal for unis and staff

Universities have legitimate reasons for employing some staff on casual contracts, but the impacts of the COVID pandemic have brought long-standing problems to a head. Now is the time to act on these.
Casual academics provide flexibility for universities at a time when student numbers are uncertain. from

Casual academics aren’t going anywhere, so what can universities do to ensure learning isn’t affected?

The higher education sector may be the the third largest employer of casual staff in Australia. More cuts to universities mean the use of casual academics could increase further.
What are the alternative options for higher education to flourish in Australia?

Why Australia needs a new model for universities

A crisis of sustainability is building up as universities continue to drift towards a more privatised system. It’s time we started looking at alternative options.
The recent cuts to universities are only likely to make the health problem growing in the academic community worse. Stressed academic image

Uni cuts will lead to health problems for academics

The consensus on the recent A$2.3 billion funding cuts to the tertiary sector is they will do more harm than good. Plenty of commentators foresee diminishing quality of teaching and research, possible…
University managers are concerned that students are dropping out because they do not receive enough support from overworked casual staff. Debconf5

‘Invisible’ casual staff get little support on campus

University students are often in the care of casual staff who have not been inducted into the job, receive no support or professional development, and do not have an office, an inquiry will hear today…
Overstretched casuals hold little hope of getting more secure work. Flickr/hackNY

Career prospects are grim, say casuals on campus

Casual academics are deeply pessimistic about the prospect of ongoing employment, according to a study that shows only one in four are confident of taking on a continuing contract in the next five years…

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