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The Northern Territory government is expanding the CCTV surveillance network. Dan Himbrechts/AAP

Is China’s social credit system coming to Australia?

Darwin is one of the aspiring ‘smart cities’ that is adopting Chinese technology that can identify and track individuals. Add changes in Australian law, and we have the makings of a surveillance state.
Who owns the digital data recorded and uploaded by CCTV operators? shutterstock

Who gets to see CCTV footage? The law favours the operators

In a recent report highlighting ‘shortcomings’ in security and welfare services in offshore detention, six terabytes of data was ‘missing’. Don’t expect to see it any time soon.
CCTV footage is often seen to be decisive – an authoritative and objective witness that can tell us ‘what really happened’. AAP/Joe Castro

Does CCTV footage help or hinder the reduction of violence against women?

While potentially helpful in resolving extraordinary cases, an over-reliance on CCTV images to tell ‘the truth’ risks perpetuating certain myths regarding violence against women.

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