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The role of the academic has changed and more and more public intellectuals are becoming famous and engaging with the public. Celebrity image from

The rise of the Super Profs: should we be worried about celebrity academics?

Recently, I looked at a copy of the achingly aspirational male style magazine GQ, and there was an article from its food critic on how to prepare the perfect Bronte pistachio tart. Not having a sweet tooth…
Kylie Minogue’s very public battle with breast cancer led to more women getting screened. AAP

Can celebrities be good for public health? Experts face off

Celebrities can successfully help promote public health say experts, despite questions about the long-term benefit that might…
Rock stars are successful in the bedroom, but all too often their wild lifestyle catches up with them. Flickr/Chalocuaz

Get laid or die trying: how rock stars get their kicks in

Kurt Cobain was the messiah of my generation, the monumental talent who saved rock from the mediocrity of 1980s cock rock and hair metal. But behind his public eminence stalked a personal hell of addiction…

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