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We love to bad-mouth processed foods – usually while our mouths are full of it. IcemanJ via Getty Images

An ode to mac and cheese, the poster child for processed food

For National Mac and Cheese Day, a food historian explains how the popular boxed dinner played an important role in kitchen science, wars and women's liberation.
These foods are all dependent on microorganisms for their distinctive flavor. margouillat photo/

Thank fungi for cheese, wine and beer this holiday season

Bread. Yeast. Wine. Cheese. All these delicious foods are courtesy of various forms of domesticated fungi. So how, exactly, did humans tame wild fungi into the cooperative species that make our food?
A study from the University of Alberta suggests that the beneficial effects of cheese might not be related to fat but to some other component, such as protein or calcium. (Shutterstock)

Why cheese may help control your blood sugar

A recent research study found that cheese reduced insulin resistance in prediabetic rat models.
We need protein and calcium, but shouldn’t have too much fat and salt. So what’s the verdict on cheese? from

Health Check: is cheese good for you?

It’s no wonder people are confused about whether it’s good to eat cheese, when even food experts are divided.
Chinese demand for cheese has intensified, creating a boom for Australian producers. But international manufacturers have become interested, and want a slice. EPA/Jens Buettner

After wine, Chinese consumers want a slice of cheese

When I heard that Asia, and particularly China, started to show interest in cheese, I automatically assumed that the French would be leading the race of cheese exports to the region. How wrong I was. Australian…

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