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A computer generated ten-year-old girl called Sweetie, who was used by Dutch children’s rights group Terre Des Hommes during an online child sex sting. AAP Image/Terre des Hommes Netherlands

Virtual child pornography could both help and hinder law enforcement

It’s increasingly difficult to tell virtually-created images from those of real children.
Some images are illegal even to see, an online crime scene. mangostock/Shutterstock

When a drawing or cartoon image can land you in jail

A cartoon can land you in court, as happened to a man recently convicted of possessing non-photographic images – cartoons, drawings – of a sexual nature featuring children. Clearly child pornography, more…
I’ve always thought that Miliband was a bit extreme … Anthony Devlin/PA

Blocking extremist sites is not the same as fighting child porn

Fresh from its success calling on search engines to block access to child porn, the UK government is turning its attention to terrorism. Ministers are poised to call on internet service providers to block…
Are search engines really at the front line in the fight against child pornography? GoodNCrazy

Blocks just move child porn under the counter

Google and Microsoft have agreed to install filters on their search engines to prevent them being used to search for child abuse images. Some queries on Google and Bing will be blocked, while others will…
Online child pornography links to offline child abuse. Adam Peck/PA Wire

Arrests shine light into murky world of child pornography

The arrest of 348 suspected members of a child pornography network has garnered headlines around the world, especially in countries where mass arrests have been made. In Australia, the Federal Police have…
A recent spate of ‘sexting’ incidents by teenagers shows that many cyber-safety messages are not getting through. Should they be taught ‘cyber-ethics’, too? Shutterstock

Cyber-safety or cyber-maturity? Teaching ethics in a virtual world

Sexting is back in the news for all the wrong reasons. Multiple incidents of teenagers circulating explicit images of other teenagers are under investigation in Victoria. It has emerged that Queensland…
An old sign, or the future of the internet? mikecogh

War on web porn obscures wider sexualisation of teens

Can we really separate a “nice” internet from a “bad” internet? That appears to be the thinking behind David Cameron’s statements foreshadowing the introduction of “porn filters” and search engine roadblocks…
A Victorian parliamentary Law Reform Committee report released this week on the practice of underage ‘sexting’ recommended widespread legal changes. Shutterstock

Not just ‘safe sext’: Victorian parliamentary Law Reform Committee calls for change

I was absolutely mortified, horrified. Everyone had seen them … people would stop me in the street and recognise me. - “Helen”, aged 14 years “Sexting” (also known as “selfies” or “noodz”) refers to the…
Describing child exploitation material as child pornography risks legitimising a serious criminal offence. Child crying image from

It is NOT child pornography. It is a crime scene photo

Pornography was once banned, part of a subterranean culture where photographs, 8 mm films, and books were sold and shared illicitly. Over the past few decades, however, pornography and erotica have become…
Is it right for hackers, regardless of public support, to take the law into their own hands? JacobDavis

Anonymous, child porn and the wild, wild web

High-profile hacktivist group [Anonymous]( has turned its attention to fighting child pornography. As a sign of what it pledges will become more widespread…

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