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The butts flicked by smokers can end up lining birds’ nests – but why? Matthew Kenwrick

Urban birds may use cigarettes as medicine

The negative impacts of cigarettes on both smokers and those around them are widely known. While some effects are cosmetic (wrinkling, yellowing of the skin), others, such as cancer, can be fatal. But…
The chemicals in cigarette smoke trigger genes that kill egg cells in women. Flickr/Junjan

Chemicals in cigarette smoke linked to lower fertility

Young girls who are exposed to cigarette smoke could experience reduced fertility later in life, a three-year study has found…
Addiction and cognitive dissonance: many smokers keep puffing even after a diagnosis of lung cancer. Flickr/drinksmachine.

Dead keen for a smoke: puffing on with lung and colorectal cancer

About one in seven people diagnosed with lung cancer report that they keep smoking, as do one in 11 colorectal cancer patients…

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