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Lord Monckton will appear at two Western Australian universities over the coming days. AAP

University of Western Australia’s VC disowns Monckton event on campus

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Western Australia has distanced himself from climate change sceptic Lord Christopher Monckton, who will appear on campus next Monday. Professor Alan Robson today…
Chilling effect… attacks on climate science could freeze up debate on important global issues, a leading scientific body has said. Flickr/Martha de Jong-Lantink

U.S science body condemns attacks on climate scientists

Personal attacks on scientists by climate change skeptics could have a chilling effect on research that policymakers need…
While the debate rages, the planet is changing. AAP

Clearing up the climate debate

The majority of the world’s climate scientists agree: climate change is real, we are causing it and it’s happening right now. Despite the scientific consensus, Australia is still deeply divided about what…
The new carbon footprint calculator factors in a household’s light sources, heating, washing, food consumption patterns, air travel and more, making it one of the most thorough calculators developed yet. Flickr

Greenhouse gas calculator reveals hard carbon truths

One of the most comprehensive greenhouse gas calculators ever was launched today, allowing members of the public to add up…
Bob Carter sees the world a little differently to the rest of the scientific community. AAP

Bob Carter’s climate counter-consensus is an alternate reality

CLEARING UP THE CLIMATE DEBATE: Professor David Karoly goes down the rabbit hole of Bob Carter’s climate theories. In his book Climate: The Counter-consensus, Bob Carter describes three different realities…
We’re putting Christopher Monckton’s scientific claims to the test. Don Irvine/flickr

Monckton watch: interrogating the Lord’s science

Christoper Monckton has returned to Australia where his unique brand of climate contrarianism is expected to get another good run in the media. At The Conversation, we’re giving him a run too, but of a…
The Galileo Movement co-opts the father of science’s name to pursue an anti-science agenda.

Rogues or respectable? How climate change sceptics spread doubt and denial

CLEARING UP THE CLIMATE DEBATE: Professor Ian Enting takes a look at the front groups and published texts of Australia’s climate sceptics. The “name-calling” in what passes for public debate on climate…
Just some of the people and organisations climate deniers think are coming to get them. -(Jonathan)-/flickr, scottgun/flickr, Kew Gardens/fickr

A journey into the weird and wacky world of climate change denial

CLEARING UP THE CLIMATE DEBATE: Professors Stephan Lewandowsky and Michael Ashley step into the twilight zone of climate change scepticism: where the sun is made of iron and the royals are out to get you…
Scientists have begun to make more noise about climate change. afagen/flickr

When scientists take to the streets it’s time to listen up

CLEARING UP THE CLIMATE DEBATE: Dr Michael Brown exposes the tactics used by purveyors of “non-science” to attack climate change research. It takes a lot to get scientists out of their offices and marching…
CSIRO scientist Dr Paul Fraser examining air stored in the Cape Grim Air Archive. Anyone can now explore online the record levels of greenhouse gases measured in the Southern Hemisphere atmosphere since 1976. North Sullivan Photography

New CSIRO website shows steady rise of greenhouse gases

A new website launched today allows the public to see how greenhouse gas emissions have risen steadily over the past 35 years…
People can get pretty riled up about hockey sticks. AAP

Climate change denial and the abuse of peer review

CLEARING UP THE CLIMATE DEBATE: Professor Stephan Lewandowsky holds “sceptics” accountable for their subversion of the peer review process. On 20 April 2010, a BP oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico…
Sound the alarm. It’s a scientist’s job to alert the public to the threats of climate change. AAP

Speaking science to climate policy

CLEARING UP THE CLIMATE DEBATE: CSIRO’s James Risbey explains why it’s not “alarmist” to describe the threat of climate change to the public and how the climate system will respond to half measures. With…
It’s undeniable: our planet is changing. NASA

Climate change is real: an open letter from the scientific community

Today, The Conversation launches a two-week series from the nation’s top minds on the science behind climate change and the efforts of “sceptics” to cloud the debate. The overwhelming scientific evidence…
The tone of public debate sets the stage for threats to scientists. AAP

Climate scientists the target in culture war

The death threats received by Australian climate scientists such as Will Steffen, Andy Pitman and David Karoly haven’t come out of the blue. They are an extension of the vicious attacks on climate science…

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