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Many farmers are now facing a future in which it is much harder to make a living off the land. AAP Image/Dan Peled

Farmers’ climate denial begins to wane as reality bites

A decade ago, only a third of farmers accepted the science of climate change. But surveys show attitudes have shifted in recent years as the farming community begins to confront what the future holds.
Nowhere to hide? With 2°C of global warming, the stifling heat of January 2013 would be the norm for Australia. AAP Image/Dean Lewins

Why 2°C of global warming is much worse for Australia than 1.5°C

Global warming of 2°C, the higher of the two Paris targets, would see current record-breaking temperatures become the norm in the future, potentially bringing heatwaves to both land and sea.
Emergency crews tackle a bushfire at Boggabri, one of dozens across NSW during the heatwave. AAP/Karen Hodge

Climate change doubled the likelihood of the New South Wales heatwave

Heat records have tumbled across New South Wales as the state suffered through the weekend’s heatwave. A new analysis shows that climate change made this kind of event much less of a rarity.
Ocean sediments in South Africa provide evidence of climate variation going back 270,000 years. Rogan Ward/Reuters

Marine sediments unlock secrets about climate change in South Africa

Marine sediments provide evidence of climate variability in South Africa going back 270,000 years. These changes correspond with changes in the archaeological record of the country.

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