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The employee was only wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Cast Of Thousands/ Shutterstock

What happens to your body when you get left in the cold

The bizarre case of a Pret a Manger employee being stuck in a -18℃ freezer for two-and-a-half hours highlights the dangers of cold temperatures.
Tenants are restricted in how far they can change their property. Studio Romantic/Shutterstock

Five things you can do to save energy if you rent your home

Renting can be a challenge for environmentally conscious tenants, but there are several ways you can save energy while remaining on good terms with your landlord.
Temperatures in normally warm Texas plunged into the teens in February 2021, knocking out power for a population unaccustomed to cold, with deadly consequences. Thomas Shea / AFP via Getty Images

How Arctic warming can trigger extreme cold waves like the Texas freeze – a new study makes the connection

Counter to what you might expect, events like the February cold wave that froze Texas can actually become more likely with global warming.

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