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The performance of ASIC in regulating financial fraud remains under question, despite Chairman Greg Medcraft’s recanted statement that Australia is a “paradise” for white-collar criminals. Britta Campion/AAP

Do the crime, do the time? Not if you’re a banker in Australia

Recently, the head of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, Greg Medcraft, called Australia a “paradise” for white-collar criminals. Soon after he recanted, claiming he didn’t want the…
Commonwealth Bank CEO Ian Narev said the bank’s review process will be independent. Dean Lewins/AAP

Commonwealth Bank ‘truly sorry’, but independent review doubts

Commonwealth Bank of Australia chief Ian Narev has apologised for breaching customer trust after evidence emerged of serious misconduct by the bank’s financial planning arm, Commonwealth Financial Planning…
Small investors, such as those caught in Storm Financial’s collapse, need ongoing protection. AAP/Dan Peled

Resist efforts to water down FOFA, to protect all Australians

As public hearings into the Future of Financial Advice’s Senate inquiry begin on Thursday, it’s probably not overstating the case to say the financial planning industry is at a crossroads. With the F0FA…

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