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Wes Mountain/The Conversation

Economists back social distancing 34-9 in new poll

The economists who support the use of social distancing measures to slow the spread of COVID-19 are not only in the majority, they are also more certain of their opinions than those who do not.
The perimeter fence at Silverwater jail in Sydney’s west. AAP

Business Briefing: questioning the economics of prison

Business Briefing: the business of prisons. CC BY31.3 MB (download)
Prisons are big business in Australia. Companies not only run entire prisons but provide many of the services. But what does the research say about the impact?
A new Grattan Institute report suggests solar panels in Australia might be more trouble than they are worth. Duncan Rowalinson/Flickr

Given the value of emissions cuts, solar subsidies are worth it

The Grattan Institute has reported that the costs of solar panels have outweighed the benefits by almost A$10 billion in Australia. But the real benefits of cutting greenhouse emissions are much larger.
The NBN cost-benefit analysis plays down many potential benefits. Alan Porritt/AAP

NBN cost-benefit suits Abbott’s ‘video entertainment system’

When the Rudd government announced the construction of the National Broadband Network in 2009 with an estimated cost of A$36 billion (and public sector contribution of $28 billion), it did so based on…

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