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CEO of CPA Australia, Alex Malley, has come under fire for the amount he’s paid in light of public scrutiny. Alex Porritt/AAP

CPA in crisis: why more associations will have to disclose CEO pay

The amplified public concerns about executive pay that led to the cementing of reporting and disclosure into law, may start trend of voluntary disclosure among professional bodies.
Australian accountants are concerned new industry standards which ban “conflicted remuneration” such as commissions on insurance in in conflict with financial planning legislation.

Accountants going ape over APES 230

Right now, the Australian accounting industry is in uproar about financial planning. The new standard APES 230 Financial Planning Services, issued by the Accounting Professional and Ethical Standards Board…
A quarter of retirees are using their superannuation lump sum to pay off debt: is this poor planning or the result of tax incentives?

For retirees, nothing is certain but debt and taxes

Will extra debt neutralise increases in the superannuation contribution rate? Studies of retirees’ financial positions show that many people accumulate debt faster than they add to their super. Once they…

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