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A brighter future for Australia’s Antarctic research. Flickr/Christopher Michel

A 20-year plan welcomed for Australia in the Antarctic

The Antarctic is a vast and inhospitable place with a time scale all of its own. For the scientists who travel there to carry out research, a project can sometimes take years to plan and even longer to…
CSIRO research is crucial amid a business culture that is reluctant to embrace research, its chairman says. AAP Image/Alan Porritt

CSIRO cuts ‘will rob Australian industry of research expertise’

The federal government’s cuts to CSIRO will make it more difficult for the organisation to fill the research and development gap left by Australian businesses, according to CSIRO chairman Simon McKeon…
Industry partnerships can be critical to research outcomes and a country’s productivity. Flickr/RMTip21

Research funding uncertainty hurting industry partnerships

Uncertainty over research funding will cost jobs, hurt productivity and threaten the government’s plans to promote better linkages between industry and research, say sector leaders. The Australian Research…
Agricultural research has become increasingly dependent on industry and CRC funding. Flickr/Marcy Reiford

Agricultural research feels funding shortage squeeze

Funding shortfalls are hurting Australia’s agricultural research sector at a time when climate change, a looming food crisis and water shortages are demanding more innovation than ever, according to academics…

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