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If you’re in favor of copyright extensions – and aren’t a corporation holding the rights or a descendent of the original author – you probably need some sense knocked into you. Flickr

Why Batman and Rhapsody in Blue should be in the public domain, but aren’t

In 1998, if Congress hadn’t extended copyrights by 20 years, George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises and Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind would all be in the public domain…
Today, economists and neuroscientists – not artists – are working out how to make corporations, such as Pixar, more creative. Loren Javier/Flickr

Where do profit and productivity sit in creative economies?

Creativity - variously defined as innovation, critical thinking, and cognitive flexibility amongst others - is ubiquitous these days. From creative corporate conglomerates such as Google and Pixar to primary…
Why aren’t governments more committed to fostering creative inquiry all the way through to high school? AAP/Dan Peled

Creativity in schools sounds good – so what’s the hitch?

British scholar Bill Lucas recently asserted the need for a consistent, appropriate and measurable definition of creativity. In his words: if creativity is to be taken more seriously by educators and educational…
Got a problem with your script? This man, script consultant Robert McKee, can save it. AAP Image/dmcpr media

It’s not working! Script consultants are the go-to gurus for film

If you’ve seen Brian Cox playing Robert McKee in the 2002 film Adaptation, you probably know what a script consultant does. Following in the footsteps of other internationally-renowned script consultants…
Damien Hirst’s statue of a naked, pregnant woman towers over Ilfracombe. Ben Birchall/PA

Damien Hirst’s new town adds a cultural twist to planned utopias

A development of 750 new homes in the small town of Ilfracombe on England’s north Devon coast has been approved by the local council. The news would be unremarkable if it weren’t for the identity of the…
Old stereotypes about the career prospects for arts graduates need to be retired. 1000 anuncios de publicidad y más…

You want fries with that? Creative careers are still out there, for now

The old jokes about creative arts and humanities graduates serving at the local fast food outlet are hard to put to rest – they speak to long-held concerns around the value of creative degrees, and to…
The participation of women in the Australian film and television industries hasn’t been steadily increasing in all fields. ABC

Glass ceilings smashing? We need quotas to close the gender gap

So Tony Abbott thinks women have “smashed just about every glass-ceiling” in Australia – and yet, the ceiling still bears down on many of us. During the recent G20 summit the managing director of the International…
George and Sandra were relieved to hear they wouldn’t actually be filming in space. Warner Brothers

How Harry Potter magic turned Gravity into Oscar gold

The huge success of Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity at this year’s Oscars is a genuine cause for celebration for much of the UK film industry – not least for the many visual effects artists involved in its creation…
Software and interactive content development account for the largest proportion of creative skills in Australia. ImagineCup

We can rebalance Australia’s economy with creative industries

Australia’s economic challenge is now starkly apparent. In the wake of a diminishing contribution to our national income by primary commodity exports (think iron ore, coal), we need to “rebalance” the…
Staring down the recession. litherland

Overlooked creative industries are recession-proof

The creative industries have not only survived, but also thrived, in the recession, according to data released by the UK Department of Culture, Media and Sport. This may come as a shock. The report details…
The right policy settings will drive Australia toward a creative economy that produces knowledge and information. Paul Gorbould

From manufacturing’s ashes a creative economy could rise

General Motors Holden’s decision to pull the pin on its Melbourne manufacturing plant spurred renewed debate around government-subsidised industry sectors. But instead of throwing money into a flailing…
What happens when we reduce cultural value to the bottom line? @yakobusan Jakob Montrasio 孟亚柯

UNESCO leads the way on a truly global approach to cultural economy

Last week, UNESCO launched its Creative Economy Report 2013 in New York. It’s a key document in a major reorientation of global cultural policy – away from creative industries and towards a more inclusive…
Engaging with the creative industries gives companies such as Google a competitive edge. AAP Image/Mick Tsikas

Beyond the IT crowd: the pitch for Google’s Australian Big Tent

Will the web create more Australian culture than it destroys? How do we tell Australian stories in the digital age? Why would Google host an event and ask questions such as these? On Friday, Google will…

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