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The case raises important issues about the consistency of regulations that apply across the food-medicine interface. Chuck Grimmett

Regulations around food-medicine products fail to protect consumers

It seems there’s no end to the production line of so-called “therapeutic” products promoted to trusting consumers by companies willing to make untested claims. The latest is Souvenaid®, a product promoted…
Recent consultations found continued inaction on regulatory matters means the community has lost trust in the TGA. Pharmacare Laboratories' website

Kids Smart’s dumb ads: consumers complain of misleading claims

Pharmacare Laboratories is facing a new complaint about its Kids Smart homeopathic medicines amid concerns parents who use the products may delay seeking medical treatment. The complaint – lodged by a…
Nurofen was criticised for claiming its products “target” different sites of pain.

TGA failure gives Nurofen consumers a headache

In 2010, the promotion of the Nurofen range of products “targeting” migraine, back pain, tension headache and period pain was awarded a CHOICE shonky award. This was because all these products contained…

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