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Maybe so, but it’s true values lies in more than shopping. fstorr

Its price may fall but bitcoin’s value is that it is useful

The price of bitcoin has crashed to below US$290, its lowest since November 2013, and far below its all-time-high of US$1,242 later that same month. For about three hours the price sat below US$300. This…
Who’s afraid of Bitcoin? BTC Keychain/Flickr

NAB’s Bitcoin ban a symptom of the digital currency threat

Virtual currency Bitcoin is not a subject that ever draws neutral reactions. Against those who see the radical possibilities of a frictionless payment system designed for the internet, there is a growing…
You may have heard of Bitcoin … but what about Litecoin? btckeychain

The Bitcoin bubble has burst, so what are the alternatives?

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin has been in the news lately with a sudden surge in value followed by a spectacular crash – not to mention the unfortunate tale of US$4 million in Bitcoin on a hard drive that…

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