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Tourists queue to take a photograph of the Mona Lisa at The Louvre. © NikkiJohnson, Image Perception

Beyond bulldust, benchmarks and numbers: what matters in Australian culture

At a time when even accountants are looking for a more compelling understanding of value, it is imperative that the arts – where individual experience is central – resist the evangelical call of quantification.
A scene from Bangarra Dance Theatre’s Lore: the oldest continuing culture in the world resonates with overseas audiences. Jeff Tan/Newzulu

‘Australia has no culture’: changing the mindset of the cringe

Why do students still describe Australia as a ‘young’ country lacking culture? Are our universities doing enough to to teach Australian films, artwork and books?
Writing has never been easy, but sending writers out to find new ideas and people might be one way to help.

The best way to support writers is to feed them new ideas

Writers like Frank Moorhouse and Ben Eltham have proposed new long-term fellowships to support writing. But a better way may be more smaller grants, offering opportunities for travel.

Are the arts & culture a public good?

Regular readers of this column will know that I’m neither an artist nor a cultural expert, but something much more déclassé: I’m a cultural economist. Part of this involves studying the incentives that…
How grim a message is the budget inadvertently sending? Maria Schaefer Photography

Hockey’s budget ignores the cultural economy, to its shame

The reality of the 2014 budget is now pretty clear, not just its specific provisions but the kind of nation it wants Australia to become. How it affects culture relates not just to this or that cut to…
The state of culture in Australia? Basically, it’s in rude health. Ars Electronica

The state of Australia: cultural economy

In the lead-up to the budget, the story of crisis has been hammered home, but there’s more to a country than its structural deficit. So how is Australia doing overall? In this special series, ten writers…

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