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The velocipede created one of several cycling booms in Australia. Harpers Weekly (Dec 18, 1868)

Bigger than Cadel: Australia’s century-old love affair with cycling

CYCLING IN AUSTRALIA: Forget about the wild scenes of public adulation for Cadel Evans following his Tour de France triumph. Forget about the widespread admiration for champion cyclist Anna Meares following…
Almost everyone can ride to work, and the health benefits are enormous. california cowgirl1

Better health is only a short bike ride away

CYCLING IN AUSTRALIA: More than half of Australia’s population can be classified as overweight and obese. This statistic is alarming but some of the risk factors associated with obesity – such as poor…
Much science goes into the creation of the perfect bike frame. Guillaume Horcajuelo/EPA

High-end bikes for sale … but what are you really buying?

CYCLING IN AUSTRALIA: What are you paying for when you buy a new bike? Materials … sure. Design … without doubt. Manufacture … yes, of course. But beyond that, what’s going on? Why can these objects, beautiful…
Children are far more likely to cycle if their parents do. carfreedays

Why aren’t more kids cycling to school?

CYCLING IN AUSTRALIA: In 1970, nearly all young people in Australia walked, cycled or took public transport to school or university (84%). Few travelled by car (16%). Fast forward to 2011 and most children…
Sydney has a lot to learn when it comes to cycling culture. Mikael Colville Andersen

Why Sydney’s cycling culture needs an overseas influence

CYCLING IN AUSTRALIA: There are many reasons cycling should be actively encouraged in our cities: increasing fuel prices, obesity levels and environmental concerns, just to name a few. Yet in comparison…
Tucking your pants into your socks mightn’t be trendy, but cycling to work has a range of benefits. AAP/Joe Castro

Try cycling on Ride to Work Day … it might change your life

In July, Cadel Evans became the first Australian to win the most prestigious race in professional cycling: Le Tour de France. But what effect has Cadel’s victory had back home in Australia? Are more Australians…
How do you improve road safety? Simple: make it riskier. La Citta Vita

Sharing streets: is the answer to get naked?

In August, Liberal MP Peter Phelps delivered a passionate rant in the NSW Upper House in which he called traffic lights a “Bolshevist menace”. He argued that traffic lights are on par with state repression…
European women love to get on their bikes. kamshots/Flickr

Bikes as transport: getting Australian women along for the ride

Cycling for transport in Australia is characterised by several “missing” population groups: women, children, adolescents and older adults. Women comprise about one-fifth of commuter cyclists in Australia…
Climbing mountains is all about fighting gravity. Nicolas Bouvy/EPA

The science of elite cycling: Tour de France (stages 12 to 21)

This is the second in a two-part series about the science of Le Tour de France. Part one is here. After 1,916 kilometres of the 2011 Tour de France we’re starting to see some of the favourites make their…
With more than 3,000 kilometres to cover, technique is only part of the equation. Nicolas Bouvy/EPA

The science of elite cycling: Tour de France (stages 1 to 11)

This weekend, approximately 200 of the world’s best cyclists will begin competing in one of the most challenging sporting events in the world: Le Tour de France. Le Tour is widely regarded as the most…

Want to create jobs? Build a bike path

Research from Massachusetts has found that every dollar spent on cycling infrastructure creates more jobs than a dollar spent…
If helmets protect against brain injury, why not wear them?

Don’t be fooled, keeping bike helmets is best for health

Convincing more Australians to get on a bike would undoubtedly deliver health improvements that come with reduced waistlines. But ditching bike helmets isn’t the answer. The health benefits of more cycling…

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