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Pending business for a new treasurer is a government response to the Financial System Inquiry led by David Murray. AAP/Sam Mooy

The unfinished business facing Australia’s new treasurer

A bulging in-tray of reviews awaiting response awaits Malcolm Turnbull’s choice of treasurer in his new cabinet.
Big nest egg or small: shouldn’t super fund trustees meet the same professional standards as individual financial planners? Image sourced from

Murray pinpoints inconsistency on financial advice and super trustees

Finally, Financial System Inquiry chairman, David Murray, has brought some consistency into two hot debates running in finance. Parliament, financial media commentators and a whole range of vested interests…
David Murray releases the Financial System Inquiry report. Britta Campion/AAP

Financial System Inquiry: expert reaction

Bank competition, increased capital levels and poorly designed taxes, such as capital gains tax and negative gearing, have been singled out for reform in the final report of the Financial System Inquiry…
David Murray and Treasurer Joe Hockey have released the final report of the Financial System Inquiry. AAP/Britta Campion

A call for capital: Murray report pushes for higher banking standards

To increase the resilience of the Australian financial system the Big Four banks will be asked to carry larger capital buffers under recommendations made in the final report of the Financial System Inquiry…
David Murray has suggested splitting of investment and retail banking. AAP/Lukas Coch

Should we follow the US and UK and separate our banks?

Australia’s Financial System Inquiry chairman David Murray dropped something of a bombshell in suggesting he may recommend the separation of Australian retail banking from investment banking. The carefully…
The emphasis on the lump sum in superannuation unfairly moves risk to individuals. Image sourced from

Superannuation: make income the outcome

Having led the world in the 1990s in embracing defined contribution retirement plans, Australia now is rightly reviewing whether the design of its retirement income system is meeting the needs of Australians…
The spotlight is on the David Murray’s Financial System inquiry following a report critical of the Commonwealth Bank and Australia’s corporate regulator. AAP/Joel Carrett

No Royal Commission; but banks not too big to be held to account

The Senate inquiry in the actions of the Commonwealth Bank and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission has drawn a line in the sand, holding the banks and financial advisers to account for…
The government’s financial system inquiry should consider whether growth in the system is hampering economic growth. AAP/Tony McDonough

Is Australia’s financial system a zero sum game?

Governments seem to be enamoured with financial markets, judging by the support they give them around the world to encourage their growth. The assumption seems to be that there’s always a positive relationship…
Electronic payments will eventually trump cash. Dan Peled/AAP

Building a financial system for a cashless age

If the Financial System Inquiry is to achieve its aim of helping to promote growth and productivity in the Australian economy it will need to focus strongly on electronic payments. Submissions to the inquiry…

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