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Historically, governments that have chosen default have experienced a much higher risk of losing political office. AAP/Simela Pantzartzi

If Greece defaults, dominoes will not fall

A possible “Grexit” would be more likely to lower rather than raise the political incentives for other European governments to follow.
Ordinary people stand to lose if Argentina’s economy collapses. EPA/David Fernandez

Why Argentina matters for indebted countries everywhere

Another week, another proposal to deal with Argentina’s debt. The latest one, by the Argentine president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, is to launch a voluntary debt swap where investors holding defaulted…
US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew will need to write the book on technical and ethical challenges if no agreement is reached on raising the debt ceiling. EPA/Jim Lo Scalzo

Pressure could mount on US Treasury as debt ceiling closes in

Financial markets must be confident that the US will not default on its sovereign debt, otherwise those markets would have plummeted by now. But is that confidence justified? Markets participants are comforted…
Gold and silver are traditionally considered “safe havens”. Image sourced from

Explainer: what are safe haven investments?

Safe haven investments are investments that provide a low level of risk during periods of extreme economic uncertainty. The problem is that a safe haven investment is a safe haven investment until it is…

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