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Varicose veins typically happen in the legs, though any superficial vein may become varicosed. Solarisys/ Shutterstock

Varicose veins: are they harmful?

Sometimes called ‘spider veins’, varicose veins are a common condition in both men and women.
Blood clots can form in the lungs, brain, heart, or veins. SciePro/Shutterstock

Blood clots: five reasons they may happen

Blood clots form to prevent blood loss both inside and outside the body. But they can become dangerous if they get dislodged from where they form.
Sikhumbuzo Notshe of the Stormers (L) is tackled by Waisake Naholo of the Highlanders (R) during a Super Rugby match between New Zealand’s Highlanders and South Africa’s Stormers. EPA-EFE/NIC BOTHMA

Long-haul flights and Super Rugby performance: what the science says

Travel is commonly perceived as “the” major factor affecting a team’s performance.
Some medications increase our risk of blood clots. And so does flying. from

Which medicines don’t go well with flying?

Commonly recommended sleeping tablets aren’t appropriate for plane travel. Here’s why.

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