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Blue with the flu? max_thinks_sees

Inflammation depression link is not to be sneezed at

Have you ever had the flu, and along with the physical symptoms a temporary feeling of being low and fed up? Though most of us would shrug these feelings off as a result of not being able to go out with…
Recent studies show psychedelics can have a positive effect on a range of mental health issues. Shutterstock

Shroom to grow: Australia’s missing psychedelic science

A recent Norwegian study on psychedelic drugs and psychological well-being not only highlighted fewer mental health issues among users of these drugs but also underscored the reinvigoration of scientific…
Telling people there’s no “cure” for depression or bipolar can leave them feeling like a victim. PA/Paul Faith

People with depression and bipolar must have more choice

An increasing number of people are trying to cope with depression and bipolar in the UK. But we also have an over-reliance on drugs and waiting lists can be a year long for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy…
Psychiatric diagnosis relies on identifying a patient’s signs and symptoms rather than clinical tests. PA/Ben Birchall

Explainer: what is the DSM?

Traditional psychiatry uses the approaches of medicine to try to understand mental health problems and guide treatment. This means relying on diagnosis – identifying what are believed to be mental illnesses…

New mothers are anxious - not depressed

A study has found that anxiety is more common than depression among new mothers. Researchers surveyed mothers of healthy…
Barriers can reduce the number of suicides at a particular location but broader means restriction measures are more complex. AAP/Dan Peled

Reducing access to the means of suicide

Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk’s recent announcement that barriers are to be erected on the Story Bridge in an effort to reduce suicides is very welcome. Studies consistently show that barriers have…
New research could help reclassify common psychiatric disorders that are related to the brain. AAP

Large genetic study paves way for new treatment of mental illness

Scientists have linked common genetic markers with major psychiatric disorders including autism and schizophrenia, in the…

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