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Social housing for elderly residents and encampments for unhoused people have been destroyed to make way for Tokyo’s new National Stadium in Shinjuku. Cristiano Fronteddu / Alamy Stock Photo

Tokyo Olympics: how hosting the Games disrupts local lives and livelihoods

The cost of the Olympics is often justififed by the investment and regeneration hosting brings about. Local residents, though, rarely benefit
Socio-economic deprivation in Greater Manchester has been exacerbated by the pandemic. horst friedrichs / Alamy Stock Photo

How inequality explains the high impact of COVID-19 in the UK

New research has shown that the impact of COVID in Greater Manchester is linked to socio-economic deprivation. The authors say their findings are replicable across the UK.
Three very different maps, using the same deprivation data, for the same place: Hartlepool, UK. Samuel Langton/MMU, using OS Data © Crown copyright 2019.

Even the most beautiful maps can be misleading

When mapping deprivation, using traditional boundaries can distort the data and distract readers from important information.

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