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Newsrooms are undergoing major changes as the old print-digital divide crumbles. Flickr/andyp uk

Print, digital divide finally dead, says Fairfax

Fairfax reporters will be expected to file stories throughout the day into an internal “wire” that will hold copy for use…
Major media outlets predominantly use wire services such as AAP for their online breaking news. But this approach reduces media diversity and can perpetuate errors. Flickr/Dulnan

The new mantra of ‘not wrong for long’, churnalism and the role of AAP

In the swathe of important debate that’s occurred in the last week about the massive changes underway in the Australian media, there’s a piece of the puzzle that’s been ignored. Indeed, it’s a piece that…
Peter Fray will walk away from Fairfax. AAP/Paul Miller

Fairfax appoints new editors to lead restructure

Andrew Holden, editor of Christchurch’s The Press, will move to Melbourne to take the reins as editor-in-chief of The Age…
“There will be retrenchments”: News Ltd CEO Kim Williams. AAP/Tracey Nearmy

News Ltd to ‘centralise’ media business, axe jobs

News Limited has announced it will shrink its divisions in eastern Australia from 19 to five as part of a restructure that…
Fairfax Chief Executive and Managing Director Greg Hywood has embarked on the biggest restructure in the company’s history. AAP/Tracey Nearmy

Fairfax to cut 1,900 jobs, shut printers in huge downsize

Fairfax Media has announced it will slash 1,900 jobs, shut its main printing plants, and take its two iconic mastheads…
Information is everywhere all at once these days, which raises questions around how it should be archived. petit hiboux

Masters of the digital multiverse: can public libraries save the day?

We all know the internet has enabled the creation of digital worlds of multi-layered, interconnected online information. But who’s going to protect this information for current and future generations…
Mark Scott, managing director of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. AAP/Alan Porritt

Mark Scott on the future of your ABC

Welcome to In Conversation, our series of discussions between leading academics and major public figures in Australian life. In this instalment, Mark Scott, managing director of the Australian Broadcasting…

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