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The USAID’s Feed the Future program encourages farmers to use mobile money technology to enhance their farming activities. USAID/Flickr

How Ghana is acing its transition to mobile financial services

In just five years, the number of mobile-money accounts in Ghana have jumped six-fold, providing fresh perspective on the country’s digital transformation.
Digital documents are not nearly as easy to retrieve. Africa Studio/

Estate planning for your digital assets

What happens to your Facebook account, your iTunes purchases and your email messages when you die?
Near field communication isn’t a new phenomenon, but it’s only just now getting a real push into Australia. vernieman

What is near field communication (and how secure is it)?

Coles and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia declared last month their intention to make use of near field communication (NFC) technology, allowing users to transfer their personal and other banking details…
Moving with the times. Mobile phones are a vital tool in African banking. whiteafrican

Bitcoin fuels Africa’s banking revolution

Bitcoin has landed in Kenya. The online currency that was, until recently, the preserve of tech entrepreneurs and only the most pioneering financiers, is to go mainstream in Nairobi while the rest of us…
Will Apple’s Passbook succeed where so many other digital wallet ventures have failed? Image from

Will Apple’s Passbook be a pocket rocket in the digital wallet wars?

You might not realise it, but there is a virtual queue of organisations snaking around you just waiting to make you more valuable than you actually are. Your spending patterns, loyalty program memberships…

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