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Immigrant chefs feel more constrained in how their food is valued. Klaus Vedfelt/DigitalVision via Getty Images

How fine dining in Europe and the US came to exclude immigrant cuisine and how social media is pushing back – podcast

Immigrant chefs and cuisines are often constrained by Eurocentric definitions of what constitutes good food. As immigrant groups become more assimilated into US culture, so does their food.
Researchers studied whether subtly being exposed to different colors could change tipping behavior. Anutr Yossundara/

Want better tips? Go for gold

Studies show a weak relationship between tip amounts and quality of service. But the color gold seems to have a way of making diners feel wealthier – and more generous.
Expected tip size isn’t the only thing that influences the quality of service. 'Waitress' via

Can we teach restaurant servers to treat all customers equally, regardless of race?

Blacks and Hispanics do tip, on average, less than whites. But research shows waiters aren’t only motivated by economics when they offer inferior service.
Racial disparities in tip size can’t be explained by discriminatory service. Brian A Jackson/Shutterstock

What’s behind racial differences in restaurant tipping?

Within the US restaurant industry, blacks are generally considered comparatively poor tippers. One recent survey of roughly 1,000 restaurant servers from across the nation found that 34% thought blacks…
Restaurant blogging is not simply an exercise in consumerism gone wild. missmeng

Changing tastes: why foodies are the new food critics

Smartphones at the table. Food blogs. Photographs of perfect meals posted online before anyone has taken a bite. Amateur restaurant reviews. Many people don’t just want to cook good food and eat it. They…

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