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Joanna Lumley (briefly) played the Doctor in 1999 Comedy Relief special The Curse of Fatal Death. Youtube

Enough with the Doctor Who gender debate – it’s time

In a universe of infinite possibility, why is Doctor Who always a man? Peter Capaldi’s forthcoming retirement from the role means it’s surely time to hand the sonic screwdriver over to a woman.
The clincher of the latest season of Doctor Who? The Doctor’s nemesis is a woman. ABC Publicity

The Doctor’s nemesis is a woman? It’s about Time, Lord

The latest series of Doctor Who wrapped up on the weekend with the completion of a startling two-episode finale: Dark Waters and Death in Heaven. This season we’ve seen what is perhaps the darkest, edgiest…
Bigger inside, says science. Ian West/PA

Might some of Doctor Who actually be possible?

As Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary looms, time travel is everywhere – on the screen, at least. Famously, the Doctor can whizz through the years using a “dimensionally transcendental” machine, the TARDIS…
We’re still not very good at acknowledging the importance of television sound. ABC

The Australians who created the sonic world of Doctor Who

It’s 50 years since the first episode aired on the BBC on November 23 1963 – and now Doctor Who is in promotion overdrive. We’ve been treated to online snippets of the 50th-anniversary special, pre-anniversary…

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