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Two in five Australian women have experienced physical or sexual violence. Jorge Flores

Four in ten Australians think women lie about being victims of sexual assault

Australians are more aware of domestic violence and sexual assault than before. But a worrying proportion blame victims for abuse, think women are lying, and don’t believe consent is always necessary.
Breaches are one of the weakest links. Shutterstock

Domestic violence orders need stronger enforcement

Protection orders form a central plank of the various state and territory governments’ response to domestic violence. First introduced in New South Wales in the 1980s and known by a different names across…
Women who’ve lost touch with family and friends, or have no access to funds, turn to emergency accommodation in women’s refuges. Shutterstock

Why doesn’t she just leave? The realities of escaping domestic violence

“Why doesn’t she just leave?” is the common question people ask when trying to understand domestic violence. The answer is far from straightforward. Central to domestic violence is an ongoing pattern of…
Debate surrounding the law’s response to lethal domestic violence has led to significant law reform activity over the last 20 years. AAP/Dave Hunt

Laws on lethal domestic violence should be reviewed – nationally

The law’s response to lethal domestic violence in Australia raises complex issues. It requires a delicate balance to be struck between ensuring a just response to those who kill in response to prolonged…
Until recently, violence against women was not reported prominently or consistently by mainstream media. Why not? Dave Malkoff

Behind media silence on domestic violence are blokey newsrooms

Did the grim story of dapper real estate agent Gerard Baden-Clay’s calculated murder of his wife Allison in April 2012, played out recently in a Brisbane court with a life sentence, make you feel afraid…
Gerard Baden-Clay’s murder of his wife Allison has helped put the spectre of domestic violence firmly back in the national spotlight. How prevalent is it? AAP/Dan Peled

Out of the shadows: the rise of domestic violence in Australia

Once a hidden crime, domestic violence has in recent years emerged as a mainstream criminal justice issue in Australia. Cases such as Queensland man Gerard Baden-Clay’s murder of his wife Allison and the…

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