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The funeral of a serviceman in Independence Square, Kiev. EPA/Sergey Dolzhenko

New Ukraine peace deal met with shelling and suspicion

The Ukraine ceasefire agreement struck in Minsk will come as a relief to the increasingly desperate residents who live along the front lines in the Ukrainian Donbas. But even though the document was signed…
A protest in front of the Ministry of Defence in Kiev. EPA/Roman Pilipey

West beats the drum for war while Russia plays games in Ukraine

In recent weeks, eastern Ukraine’s Russian-backed rebels have won several military victories on the battlefield in the Ukrainian Donbas. First they captured the virtually destroyed Donetsk airport, then…
Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) leader, Alexander Zakharchenko. EPA/Alexander Ermochenko

Ukraine sliding towards all-out war despite mediation efforts

Over the past few days, Ukraine has taken a significant turn for the worse. Fighting between rebels and government forces has intensified, the civilian death toll has increased, and the war of words between…
Celebrations of Russia’s restored greatness are premature. EPA/Alexander Zemlianichenko

Putin’s patriotism and paranoia will be Russia’s undoing

Whether through improvisation, opportunism, fear or calculation, 2014 has seen a massive shift in the way political authority works in Russia. Moscow has moved dramatically away from a legal-rational way…
Democracy in action in Donetsk. EPA/Alexander Ermochenko

Kiev outraged at Donbas as Ukraine heads for violent partition

Much of the world may regard the elections that took place in the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics on November 2 as illegitimate, but there appears to be little political will to avert the most likely…
A woman votes from her hospital bed in Izyum, Kharkiv Oblast. EPA/Sergei Kozlov

Dispatch from Kharkiv: Ukraine votes and steels itself for winter

Ukraine’s snap parliamentary election on October 26 looks set to return a pro-Western parliament to Kiev – setting the country up for a long and tense winter. And while the elections seem to have gone…
Signed, sealed, delivered: Ukrainian president Poroshenko. EPA/Sergey Dolzhenko

Restive Ukraine signs EU pact and hands rebels self-rule

On the same day that it finally voted to ratify the EU Association Agreement that helped spark the Euromaidan protests in 2013, Ukraine’s parliament also voted to give self-rule to the rebels holding major…
Peace Brigade may be a somewhat misleading name for this militia. EPA/Ali Abbas

Modern conflict blurs the line between soldiers and civilians

As I write this, the people of Gaza hopes for an end to the week-long Israeli bombardment which has killed more than 180 Palestinians – many of them civilians have been dashed after Hamas rejected the…
Just not that simple, really. EPA/Maxim Shipenkov

Ukraine referendums: another attempt to rewrite ethnic history

The referendums on independence from Ukraine in Donetsk and Luhansk, defying Putin’s call to postpone, pose deep questions about what “independence” would actually mean – and whether it can actually be…
A World War II tank rumbles onto the streets in Lugansk, Ukraine in preparation for Victory Day. EPA/Igor Kovalenko

Ukraine separatists engaged in high-risk game as they press on with referendum plan

Vladimir Putin’s statements giving qualified support for presidential elections in Ukraine on May 25, calling on separatists in eastern Ukraine to postpone their planned referendums and announcing a pull-back…
Power games unmasked. Pro-Russian protesters gather outside the seized City Hall in in Mariupol, Ukraine. Anastasia Vlasova

Ukraine clashes raise stakes in struggle to control the Donbas

It is the most serious conflagration since armed pro-Russian forces began taking control of official buildings in the Donbas. At least one anti-government protester is believed to have been shot dead by…

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