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Labor will not support moves to recall the Senate but Bill Shorten reaffirmed that Labor would not block supply. Mick Tsikas/AAP

Labor and Greens would try to frustrate double-dissolution planning

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has said Labor would not support an early recall of the Senate, further complicating the situation if the government wants to call a double dissolution.
One only has to know Malcolm Turnbull’s nature to understand his deep frustration at the government’s internal dissent. Ben MacMahon/AAP

The way things are heading, it will be a let down if we aren’t voting on July 2

The momentum for a July 2 double dissolution has accelerated with Malcolm Turnbull opening the way to bring the May 10 budget forward by a week. “The budget will be in May,” he said on Tuesday, as he prepared…
Family First senator Bob Day is one of eight crossbenchers who would face an election in the event of a double dissolution. Lukas Coch/AAP

Crossbench move to push Senate changes beyond double-dissolution date

Family First senator Bob Day is set to propose an amendment to the legislation changing the Senate voting system that would prevent the government using the new rules in a double dissolution.
Malcolm Turnbull already has ‘trigger bills’ that he could present to the Governor-General to call a double dissolution election. Lukas Coch/AAP

How will Turnbull get the money needed to govern if he calls a double dissolution?

Malcolm Turnbull is fond of saying that we need to be less risk averse. Now the question is whether he will follow his own advice. He is waving around the possibility of a double dissolution in early July…
Environment minister Greg Hunt and prime minister Tiny Abbott are keen to repeal the carbon tax as soon as parliament sits - but it may prove harder than they thought. AAP/Alan Porritt

Carbon tax showdown: the rocky road ahead for Abbott

The Coalition will introduce its draft bill to repeal the Clean Energy Act into parliament next week. The bill would effectively remove the current carbon tax and its planned replacement, an emissions…
What are the constitutional and political issues for Tony Abbott to consider around double dissolution elections? AAP/Alan Porritt

Explainer: what are double dissolutions and how do they work?

Prime minister Tony Abbott has indicated (again) that he is willing to set in motion the procedures necessary to call a double dissolution election, in order to force the repeal of the carbon tax through…

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